Benoit POHL

Web Engineer Fullstack Node.js & .Net, cartography, data mining, machine learning

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  • Me Personal About me

    I am software developer based in Paris. I create, design and develop applications for more than 10 years.

    I currently work on a startup project about music events, and do freelance works occasionaly.

    Information technologies, analog photography and viticulture/oenology are some of my hobbies.

    You can consult my resume, or download the pdf file.
    French version available on FR page.

  • Me Startup project ColoredFly

    ColoredFly aims to define a new way to explore the local music scene.

    The goal is to provide a feed of music events, through a web app, to help discovers artists and create services for nightlife.

    Try the mobile website, wich already provide events for Paris, and a few other test cities.

  • Visual Salade My freelance works Visual Salade

    A brand for my freelance works, established since 2009.

    Strong emphasis on web technologies, social marketing & data processing.

    Go on, contact me!

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